About us

It all began one winter’s evening. Our co-founders, composer Rebecca Taylor and lyricist Nina Gregory lamented the lack of choice for quality amateur musical theatre in Aylesbury, and the lack of opportunity to present their own works. Hence the birth of TARTS. What followed was 6 months of hard work, culminating in our first show, Shushan. Taylor & Gregory were soon joined by our other regular writing team, Andrew Dimond and Charles Davey.

From a small handful of people at our inception, we have grown steadily. Many of our members come to us as first-time performers and we delight in the opportunity to bring on new talent. We are particularly pleased to welcome our younger members to the society, for they are the future of amateur theatre. We welcome new members, with or without prior experience. See Contact Us for details.

Aylesbury Vale Community Chest
This project received funds from the Community Chest, a community grants scheme run jointly by AVDC and VAHT. If you would like more information about the grants available, please call the Grants Officer, Sarah Rothwell, on 01296 585634