Writing and production

Taylor & Gregory

Rebecca Taylor (composer) and Nina Gregory (lyricist) have been writing together for over 10 years. Their first major work is Shushan, first performed by The Artfully Reliable Theatre Society, of which they are the founders, in February 2012 at The Court Theatre, Pendley. They also write comedy songs and sketches.

Rebecca is a piano and singing teacher, teaching both in Aylesbury schools and her own studio. See www.ivorytinklers.co.uk. She also draws on many years of experience of singing and acting in musical theatre, including as a principal soloist. Roles have included ‘Mabel Stanley’ in Pirates of Penzance, ‘Liesl’ in The Sound of Music, ’Lois Lane/Bianca’ in Kiss Me Kate and ‘Hodel’ in Fiddler on the Roof, to name a few. Although she still performs on occasion, her particular interest now lies in writing and producing musical theatre.

Nina Gregory has been writing from a very young age, and has had a variety of poems, short stories and articles published in anthologies, magazines and newspapers. With a partner, she also had a novel published some years ago, although it is now out of print. With a number of musical ventures on the go at the moment, the great British novel has been once again moved to the back burner - it seems that every time Nina opens these files she spends so much time revising what has already been written that she does not move on to further chapters, much to the displeasure of a number of her students and friends who have insisted that they appear in its pages, and who wish to see themselves immortalised in print as soon as possible!

Dimond & Davey

The Artfully Reliable Theatre Society has recently performed Frankenstein’s Creature, the first major work of Andrew Dimond (composer) and Charles Davey (lyricist) in May 2014 at The Court Theatre, Pendley.

Andrew Dimond graduated from Bath Spa University in 2008, having specialised in performance as a clarinettist, and in the operas of Richard Wagner. He has performed with a variety of orchestras in and around Bath, Bristol and South Wales, including Bath Opera and the National Youth Orchestra of Wales. Andrew has been the Music Director of The Artfully Reliable Theatre Society since its formation in 2011.

Charles Davey is the author of three novels and a number of short stories, and he currently owns a cafe in Wallingford. Before his latest business venture, Charles had various jobs as an English teacher, computer salesman, cabbie, computer media technician and logistics manager, all of which have provided him with a wealth of interesting experiences to draw upon in his writing. In addition to writing, Charles has sung lead roles in all of our previous productions.

Aylesbury Vale Community Chest
This project received funds from the Community Chest, a community grants scheme run jointly by AVDC and VAHT. If you would like more information about the grants available, please call the Grants Officer, Sarah Rothwell, on 01296 585634